Bedroom TypeUnit TypeUnit Size (sqft)No. Of UnitsStarting From
1 BedroomType A1, A2, A3, A4, A1-R, A2-R, A3-R, A4-R, A2-G, A3-G, A4-G 409 to 474 sqft168$1,449,000
2 BedroomType B1, B2, B3, B1-R, B2-R, B3-R, B2-G, B3-G 592 to 721 sqft139$1,894,000
3 BedroomType C1, C2, C3, C1-R, C2-R, C2-G, C3-G 904 to 1066 sqft139 $2,353,000
4 BedroomType D1-G(PL), D1(PL), D2(PL), D2-G(PL), D2-R(PL)1432 to 1464 sqft 55$3,720,000
4 Bedroom Premium Type D3P(PL), D3P-G(PL), D3P-R(PL) 1733 to 1808 sqft55$4,591,000
4 Bedroom PenthouseType PH1(PL)3272 sqft1$14,050,000
5 Bedroom PenthouseType PH2(PL)3520 sqft 1100% Sold

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